Bed Bugs, adults, nymph and eggs.

Bed Bug Nest on Bed Frame Ledge

In this image, you clearly see the many white shiny eggs, Bed Bugs at different stages of life and their black excrements.
This scene is from the ledge of a bed frame. This is where the box spring would normally rest. It is a well established Bed Bug nest. Since Bed Bugs are not social insects their nest does not exhibit any structural elements.

Bed Bugs dimensions.

Bed Bug Size and Dimensions

In this image, you clearly see the dimensions of an adult Bed Bug. Besides the Bed Bug there is a 10 ¢ coin.

This Bed Bug is more elongated than typical ones. And this Bed Bug is likely a male.

Bed Bug Eggs

Bed Bug Egg

Here you are presented with a single white Bed Bug egg. All Bed Bug eggs are roughly the same size. In poor light and in shallow contrast conditions, these would be hard to visually stand out in the view. You have a 10 ¢ coin besides for comparison

A baby and an Adult Bed Bug

Baby and Adult bed bugs along piping depression of a mattress

Compare the sizes of the two Bed Bugs.

Though their sizes are different by a few times, they are nonetheless no less of a Pest problem than the other.

Also, notice how easily they can hide in the depression along the piping of the mattress.