A picture...

is worth a thousand words !

Bed Bugs Pictorial # 1

Baby Bed Bug ?

A baby Bed Bug at lower part of a box spring In the image above we present a baby bed bug. It is quite small. Easily about 1/8 the size of an adult bed bug. In fact it is so small that you have to put strain on your eyesight to be sure that you knows which side has the head! An experienced eye know where to look; beyond what to look for. Baby bed bugs are called nymphs and they feed just like the adults do — on human blood.

Upper edge of Box Spring

Upper edge of box spring showing bed bug black excrement In this image, you clearly see the dark black excrement fluid of Bed Bugs. This excrement has burst into the fibers of the fabric of the box spring. These black markings are the tell tale sign of Bed Bug presence. This Bed Bug infestation has progressed to the well established stage. If you situation was at it's infancy then you might just find one or two of these spots in your box spring.

Two Adult Bed Bugs

2 Bed Bugs in the mattress tuft In situations of the established infestations, it is more likely that you would see adult bed bugs in softer areas of the bed components, such as the upper side of a mattress. In this image, you see two adult bed bugs chilling in the depression caused by the stitches. A human hand that moves in an in-targetted fashion would not touch them in the depth of this depression.

Story of two holes in a bunk bed

Bed Bugs, Nymps, Eggs and Feces in benigne looking holes in a bunk bed frame A small space for a wooden beg can hold a good size of bed bug nest. This photo is of the upper bed of a bunk bed setup. The two holes were photographed in closeup. This one image shows what can only be discovered by an experienced examination.

A baby and an Adult Bed Bug in Mattress Tuft

Baby and Adult Bed Bugs in a mattress tuft Compare the sizes of the two Bed Bugs. Though their sizes are different by a few times, they are nonetheless no less of a Pest problem than the other. Also, notice how easily they can hide n the tuft of the mattress.

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